Let us begin with a quote from Sedrick Roundtree, a character from All the Bright Places. He says, “We were born into things we don’t have to become.” This means that irrespective of how you are, the only thing that is constant in life is change and that you have the power to decide if that change is going to be positive or negative.

There’s a story of two men who visited a seer and the seer told one that he’d be a wealthy man while he told the other that he’d die poor. The one who was told that he’d be wealthy went and slept under the shade of a tree while the other went to work. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and the one who was told that he’d die poor, who set off to work after that, made himself rich while the other slept himself poor. We were born into things we don’t have to become.

In case you missed it, the point of that story is that no matter the prophesy, the choice to be miserable lies with you. Take Esau for instance, he was cheated out of his blessings by his mother — Rebecca and his brother — Jacob, not his friend, not his lover, his mother and brother. He was born first but got waylayed… Things got so bad for him that he had to sell his birth rights for porridge. He staggered on to stability. Even though it isn’t his name that is prominent in the history books, he was able to make a life for himself. We were born into things we don’t have to become.

You may find yourself in conditions today that weren’t part of your initial plan. You may lose people and things which you have held most dearly; let go. You were born into something you don’t have to become. I know I risk sounding like a motivational speaker but I urge you to try your best to have a blast if it’s the last thing you do because it’s the very least you can do for yourself.

There are things that are definitely out of our reach to get. You may call it settling for second best and you’ll not be wrong. Yet, like Esau, your second best can cause that betrayer to come seek forgiveness. I’ll finish off with a story that most of us are familiar with. It’s the story of the boy whose dreams led him into a dry pit.

Born the last of the family, his dreams were too grand to be accepted by those that have come before him so they tried to get rid of him. First, they threw him into a pit. Next, he was sold into slavery. From slavery, he ended up in a prison. From the prison, he became the prime minister of the world power at the time. That boy’s name is Joseph.

Starting off as the last doesn’t hold much sway on you unless you accept that it’s your position. Being rejected doesn’t matter unless you submit yourself to dejection. If one way doesn’t work for you, try another. The fact that the rose blooms doesn’t stop the cactus from growing.

until next time, this is Cruise Control and I am Oloye Emeka saying life na cruise, catch am.

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