We all Need Miracles

I heard my neighbour say that even music doesn’t keep him sane anymore and I felt that. Deep down I feel everyone is dealing with trepidations. The lot of them don’t talk about it or are unwillingly to show it but there are gaps and moments when they’re crystal. Honestly, this is not me projecting my own anxiety. I feel deep down, everyone of us could really use a miracle. And there’s no second guessing that.

During the talk I had with that my neighbour, I had to remind him that whatever you do or whoever you are, there’s something just out of your reach that haunts you so your only obligation in life is to do the things that make you happy, regardless. You are obligated to remind yourself that irrespective of what you go through, your major purpose is to be alright and then extend that feeling to others but first you must have it within yourself.

I’ve never been one for bottling things up and I have always advocated for catharsis. Even if you don’t talk to someone physical, sit someone down in your imagination, someone you trust, and talk to them. It’s your imagination so you can create whoever you like in whichever setting you feel most comfortable in. When you do that, you talk. That’s how I pray. I envision God as one of my closest friend and I talk to them.

If it feels overwhelming, write it down. This medium helps you more, I think. I think it’s because there’s sensory integration. Your hands work with your mind in the creation of the message. You see the words coming to life so you can feel more confident that your thoughts are important. That is how I felt. That’s how I started writing majorly.

In my earliest years in university, I’d take a book everywhere — to class, to the cafeteria, everywhere and when it felt like my world was about to implode, I’d write how I felt and everything would feel a little bit better. I wrote long lyrical poems and long prose about how I felt and why I felt that way. You’d find that in the same stroke, you’d also be approaching the root of the problems and then you can begin to find ways to deal with them.

A small group of you have probably read a few of my earliest works. To the rest of you, what I’m saying may not be obvious because I have since grown, but I still get people who frequently tell me how great it feels when they read or listen to me. They say that it feels as if some weight has been lifted, because emotions portrayed are emotions shared. Not just writing. You can hear it in songs or sense it in drawings, in architecture and even in fashion.

Point blank, I think we’ve all given into the temptations of life and it’s messed with our focus. We’ve at one point deviated. Some of us are lost; some are trying to find their way back (and it’s not an easy one); some are looking for a new path (even harder). Whichever way, everyone is fighting his/her own demons and with the way the world is going, the demons have higher odds. Hence why we need a miracle.


until next time, this is Cruise Control and I am Oloye Emeka saying life na cruise, catch am.

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