This poem was written as a gift about a year ago when I was trying to put together a magazine publication.

Refuse to be unhappy;
Be cheerful instead.
Refuse to let your troubles multiply;
Take them one after another:
Refuse to complain about things;
Learn to improve your surroundings
And create your world
The way you believe it should be.

Refuse to dwell on the mistakes
Or disappointments
That are quite a part of your life.
Instead, learn how you can
Make things better.
Be optimistic.
Be energetic and positive
About the things you do.
Always hope for the best.

And don’t forget
To live your life with no regrets,
To reach for that dream
And make it your own,
To be brave enough
To invest a part of your heart
In something real
That brings you great pleasure.

Believe in yourself at all times
Before you know it
Those wonderful dreams
You have believed all your life
Will come true in your time
And your life will be
The happy and successful life
That it was meant to be.

Through it all, you will learn;
You will grow strong in faith;
You will mature by understanding that
The difficult times are often
The best teachers, and there is
Good to be found in all situations.
Reach for the good;
Be positive and don’t give up.

Promise yourself
To accept life as it comes,
To truly make each day special,
To become more independent
And more willing to change,
To fill your life with special times,
To have a close circle of friends
And the love of family to share
All of life’s special moments with.

Choice, a contribution of Layemi Ajayi

Until next time, this is Cruise Control and I am Oloye Emeka saying, life na cruise, catch am.

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