The bigger picture

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Big Sean says, “I hope you never let the little things in life distract you from the bigger picture.” This is a recognition of the fact that people overthink. Overthinking, in simple terms, is the act of concentrating for too long on details which may be important but which when focused on for too long takes up our time.

Everyone of us has goals to accomplish, hopes and dreams which we work towards and heights which we wish to attain. These goals, especially the long term ones, are what we consider the bigger picture. in the broadest sense, for all of us, “getting to the top” is what we consider our goal — the bigger picture. How we get there, the ladders or steps that we climb are what make up the little things.

Some of the smartest people in the world recommend that you break down your goals into smaller tasks so that they’re easier to accomplish but some of us give so much attention to those small tasks that we forget that there are other things to be done. We make those small tasks our all in all, something that we must do before we can move on, thereby reducing our biggest dreams to one small details, that way allowing the little things in life distract us from our bigger picture.

This causes anxiety for many, making people feel like failures over things that in the long run do not amount to something significant. We call ourselves perfectionists, causing ourselves unnecessary pain over things that we can overlook. Imagine writing an exam and what you’re most concerned about is the colour of your pen. This takes away from your time and makes you less likely to accomplish what you set out to.

In order to become better, therefore, you must be willing and ready to say goodbye to certain things which may have contributed to your happiness if they had worked out but will only cause you more harm than good now that they haven’t, so that you can fully concentrate on what matters — the bigger picture.

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