Small Wins

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Two weeks ago, we discussed the little things. This week, we’ll be discussing the acknowledgement and celebration of small wins. When we think of productivity and growth, we often only acknowledge and celebrate giant strides. If we’re being honest, it’s not always our fault. There’s usually someone somewhere making it look pretty easy.

Writers and speakers often worsen these things by assuming that the reader and listener either has the same capacity as them or is in fact a robot. Not everyone can operate on the level that you do and you have to recognise that. Being in the creative industry especially, you find out that not every day will be bursting with inspiration and some days, even when you feel the urge to write for instance, the right words don’t come.

Days like that, I try to do something to make myself feel better. Usually, I’d clean up my house. In cleaning up and arranging my things, I acquire a feeling of accomplishment. That energy, I transmute into my work. Even on days when I’m unable to transmute that energy, I can at least go to sleep, because I have worn myself out.

When I wake up, hopefully, I feel up to writing. If I don’t, at least my house is clean. That’s a small win and I bask in it. So, as you start your week and go about your day, remember to cherish the little advancements that you make.

Until next time, this is Cruise Control and I’m Oloye Emeka saying life na cruise, catch am.


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