How to make an extra N100,000 this new month using the Branch app

This is not click bait. I stumbled upon it a few days ago and I’ve been trying out the features for myself. It’s called the Branch loan app. Let me tell you reasons why you should use it and how you can make money using it, based on my own user experience.

First, let’s start small. For every day you make a deposit — ten days, per month — you get a N50 bonus. Put together, that’s N500 per month for what you didn’t work for. Offer may end soon. Probably just using it to entice as many clients as possible.

If you use my referral code — KINGSL12D5B — after your first deposit ever, you can get up to N300. After you’ve settled in, you get a referral code of your own which gives you N300 for every person who uses your referral code. Which means that if you can get a hundred people to sign up and deposit money using your promo code, you get a whopping N30,000😋

You get to deposit, withdraw, transfer, pay bills, etc without charges, unlike what you get with most other bank services and your regular bank account. That means that you can deposit and withdraw that same money ten times to get the N500 deposit bonus. But that’s your loss.

There’s an investment aspect, where you can get up to 20% return on investment per year. Not per month. Per year. It’s not a Ponzi scheme for God’s sake! That means that, in a sense, you can think of it as loaning the bank money and at the end of the year, you get back your premium and a cumulative interest of 20%, the highest in Nigeria.

To top it off, there are two methods of investment. There’s flexi and there’s fixed. With flexi, you can withdraw your investment at ANY TIME but with fixed, like every other fixed deposit account, you only get your money back on the date you stipulate which has to be at least thirty days. I put in 10k and next month, I’ll get N10,164 which is 1.64% interest. Calculate that by a year and you’ll get N1,968 as interest, which I believe they’ll round up to N2,000 and make it a round figure hence 20% for good measure☺️😉.

Branch is a loan app and it gives away loans almost instantly. I’m eligible for N13,000 loan currently. And with every loan you repay, you go higher up on the system and become eligible to get higher loans. But I didn’t take a loan so I don’t know how much interest they receive so I can’t tell you that.

To the big bucks📉, where you can get up to N75,000 a month, or more!!! For everyone who uses your referral code — mine is KINGSL12D5B — to get a loan and repays it, you get N1,500 which means that if you can get 50 people to sign up and get a loan, you automatically get N75,000. Add that to your N30,000 which you have gotten from other people’s deposits, that’s N105,000 a month!!!🤩🤩🤩

To use the app, you must be using an Android phone because it’s not available on iOS currently but their MD promises to get it there soon.

Click here to download the app from the Google play store and don’t forget to use my referral code — KINGSL12D5B — after your transactions so I can get a little something myself. Ciao😘